December 9, 2015


Dear online business owner,

If you would like to learn how to create online courses and specifically how to make money with them, you should keep reading.

Hello and welcome to Market Your Course. We are Miguel Hernandez and Brad Hart.

Together with our rockstar team, we’re excited to help you grow your online business.

We provide done for you services, consulting, coaching and yes, step by step instructional courses, that will help you become a top selling online instructor.

You will be able to use this knowledge to grow your business, get more leads, sell more products and courses, anything you want.

The difference between a course that sits on an isolated web island and doesn’t serve anyone and a bestseller is, you guessed it, MARKETING.

We can help you set up and dial in your marketing and sales funnels to gain more students. Right now, today.

The first thing we want to tell is that this won’t be for everyone.

Only those with the following qualities…

  • a desire to serve
  • a willingness to learn and grow
  • something valuable to teach
  • a hard AND smart work ethic

…will be able to make 6 and possibly 7 figures selling online courses.

We have assembled and worked with all of the top performers in each niche in the industry, taking the best practices from across the web, and making them available to anyone who wants to generate more leads, create better courses, and close more sales.

We believe that if the book is the new business card, then the online course is the new book!

So what is the goal?

To provide a one stop resource and full service consultancy for all your online course creation, sales funnel and marketing needs!

Want to learn more and gain valuable insights for your online business?

Join us in our master class to learn “The Exact Path To Making $100k/Year Selling Online Courses

Click here to register your seat now, as they are limited.

These classes always fill up, because even though they are free, they offer far more value and insight than the typical paid class.

If you’re ready to work with us directly to build your online course empire, book a free consultation using the contact form on this page.

Now, you may be asking: “Is this right for me?”

Well, if you’ve ever said any of the following to yourself…

“I need more customers/leads”

“I need to convince people that I’m an authority/convince people they need to buy my course”

“I’m an unknown”

“I have NO IDEA where to begin, I need help getting started”

“I need to learn how to build a list”

“I need to know how to best present my information, clarity, direction, a game plan”

“I need help doing marketing/getting the word out/getting my product in front of the right people/selling”

“I need help validating my idea”

“I need confidence/ I feel I won’t be well received or received at all”

“I want to learn Facebook marketing”

“How do I convert people who just want free info to paid customers?”

“I need a game-plan, a strategy for execution” 

“I need to get out of information overload and into action”

“I need help with the technology!!!”

…then look no further.

We’ll give you solid, practical, actionable, plug and play, step-by-step systems, a concrete plan, and cutting edge ideas can implement right away.

We’re all about execution. 

We look forward to helping you serve the world and make money with your knowledge!

To your success,

Miguel and Brad